Summer Shows Summary

Summer Shows Summary

It was a busy summer showing Juno and Taiga for us at Upcountry Vizslas. We hit the road in July and August, starting out in Surrey for Sporting Dog Spectacular July 18/19 and had a successful start to our summer. I was so proud of Juno taking BOB July 18 over 14 gorgeous entries. July 19 was also Taiga’s last day showing as a Baby Puppy and she went out as forceful as she came in – taking Baby Puppy BISS. The following day Taiga debuted in 6-9 month class and went BOW to earn her first 3 points towards her Canadian Championship. Sporting Dog Spectacular was also, at age 6.5 years, Petal’s show debut participating in Field Class. So proud of our beautiful girls!

From Surrey we continued on to Prince George to join our fabulous friends from Aurelia Vizslas for six shows in three days, July 24-26. It was an exciting three days of showing for all involved, resulting in numerous conformation, rally and canine good neighbour titles. Even our kids got involved handling Juno and Taiga in Junior Handling and Aurelia’s Merlin in Specials. For us at Upcountry Vizslas, Juno ended the series taking BOB and 3rd in Group becoming a new Canadian Grand Champion! Taiga continued to take the show scene by storm – at six months and one week old, she went BOB, 4th in Group, became a new Canadian Champion, and then went on to take Best Puppy in Show! In addition to conformation, Juno also became a Canine Good Neighbour and Petal completed her third leg in Rally Novice, earning a new title.

It was on to Vancouver Island for the Island Circuit August 1-9, with Kristy flying solo with two specials on her hands. A huge thanks to Jolie Thompson-McMullan for assisting with the handling of Juno and Taiga until Rob joined the circuit in Victoria. It was a whirlwind of activity with Juno winning multiple BOB and SB, and Taiga winning multiple BOB, SB, and BPIG. We were definitely getting tired and DEFINITELY gaining enormous respect for professional handlers who show all the time. It is really hard work!!! Fortunately we were once again in the company of our extended Vizsla family who provide much support and comic relief during stressful times.

Our final leg was an exciting one and a very new experience for us – attending our first American show and boy was it a big one! We travelled from Victoria to Port Angeles to meet up with friends and extended Vizsla family, Baroque and Eastwind, for a few days of much needed R&R before heading to Enumclaw, Washington, for four days of shows August 13-16, including the first Vizsla Specialty we have ever attended. Talk about a whirlwind of activity! Not only was there conformation but also obedience, rally, agility, lure course racing, dock diving and barn hunt tests! I can’t recall the exact numbers but upwards of 1,700 dogs were entered in conformation alone. Vizsla entries averaged 75 dogs per day with peak entry at 150 for the Specialty. I have never seen that many Vizslas before! Taiga participated in conformation along with her three litter mates Rockas (M), Turk (F) and Maura (F) and Dam Lela and Sire Mojo. The sisters took turns knocking each other out of 3-6 month class and Taiga took RWB over 17 open females one of the days! Juno took a turn at Dock Diving and Petal had some fun at Barn Hunting. While exhausted, it was an awesome, eye-opening experience and we look forward to future shows down south with our American friends!

We’ve been back at the farm for three weeks, are finally caught up on our sleep, and are now turning our attention to Fall activities including taking advantage of the cooler days to undertake Petal’s all-time favourite activity – field training!