A Time for Remembrance

A Time for Remembrance

Ch Piroska’s Ribbon of Red, CD, FDJ, FD, CGC, TT, AGN
March 20, 2000 – October 30, 2015

It is the season for remembrance; we wear red poppies to remember the sacrifice of our veterans. For our family, it will have an added significance this year. We recently said a tearful goodbye to our beautiful Pipacs, our 15 ½ year old senior Vizsla. Pipacs translated from Hungarian is ‘Red Poppy’. In her prime, she was a force in the Vizsla and sporting dog community actively participating in the show ring, hunt tests and field trials, agility, and even draft dog competitions. Pipacs always loved puppies, having three litters of her own with the famous Piroska Kennels from Vancouver Island, many of whom also went on to earn championship and working titles.

Nine years ago, at the age of 6 ½, Pipacs moved to her new forever home with Kristy, joined two years later by her great-niece Petal. Kristy and the two Vizslas met, and eventually moved in with Rob, John and Kate, forming our new family. Our pack grew over the past couple of years with the addition of another great-niece Juno, and most recently Taiga, and while Pipacs remained the stoic alpha female, she was always the forgiving and coddling great auntie to these pups.

Our pack has had many travels and adventures together over the years and, to the delight of a young John and Kate, Pipacs was often the subject or lead character in modified versions of pop songs and stories. The last couple of years saw declining physical and mental health; she would share our bed, be carried on hikes or to go potty, but remained everyone’s favourite with her nickname ‘Doopity-Doop’ or simply just ‘Doop’, after her sweet geriatric attempts to puppy bow and run with the pups.

Our family is in the mineral exploration and mining business, and Pipacs was involved as well, working with Kristy in exploration camps in the Yukon. She was always a gorgeous animal, with the most beautiful eyes ever seen on a dog (a combination of a doe and Betty Davis) and ears like silk. She was our running partner; we skied, walked and hiked thousands of kilometers in North Vancouver and Pemberton as a family, as well as lots of camping and trips together with scores of happy memories.

The poppy symbolizes many things to us as Canadians; to our family, it represents: remembrance, courage, honour, compassion, freedom, love, family and home. Pipacs represents all of these to us. We wear poppies to remember our veterans, but this year we will also wear them in remembrance of her. So long, old girl.

“….I am the Hunter, with power and drive. Swift as the wind, still as the night…”
I am the Vizsla, by Nancy Simmonds