Responsibly Bred Versatile Vizslas

About Us

Kristy first learned about the Vizsla in 2003 through a mutual friend, and had opportunity to spend considerable time with this special girl Finnegan, getting to know and love the breed. Through her relationship with Finnegan, Kristy also got to know Barrie and Hilarie Brinkworth of Piroska Vizslas, and in October 2006 picked up her first Vizsla from them, Piroska’s Ribbon of Red “Pipacs”. Pipacs, Hungarian for Red Poppy, opened up a new “dog” world to Kristy and started her down a path she never imagined!

In May 2009, Kristy ventured into puppyhood for the first time bringing home Piroska’s Petal to the Metal “Petal”. Living up to her name in every way possible, Petal was a very busy girl and Kristy quickly got involved in obedience and field activities, channelling Petal’s energy and challenging both handler and dog mentally and physically.

We began to think about adding another girl to our pack in 2012 and connected with Martha and Frank Lacko of Toldin Vizslas, long-time friends and co-breeders of Piroska’s, who had since retired. We were delighted to welcome Toldin’s Roamin Goddess “Juno” into our pack in March 2013; cousin to Petal, both of whom are great-nieces to Pipacs. With Toldin’s encouragement and support, our beautiful Juno opened yet another door into the dog world for Kristy, that of conformation. In August 2014, at 17 months, Kristy and Juno entered the ring for the first time earning Juno’s Champion and Grand Champion title over the next 11 months.

Many new friendships developed in 2014, including an introduction to Greg and Dennise Dutson of Baroque Vizslas. These new friendships led to the exciting addition of Baroque Eastwind’s Cool Runnings “Taiga” in January 2015 from Tom and Gale Shay of Eastwind Vizslas. Taiga is an exciting addition to our family: in May 2015, Taiga entered the ring for the first time and took Best Baby Puppy in Show two of the three days! Her success continued beyond our imaginations, becoming one of the top show Vizslas in North America.

First and foremost our dogs are members of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without them. Whether it be conformation, field, obedience, rally or agility, the activities we enjoy with our pack brings a richness to all our lives – one only has to see the “Vizsla Dance” when the training equipment comes out to understand just how special this regal breed is!