Responsibly Bred Versatile Vizslas

About The Breed

Vizsla (Smooth) Breed Standard

The following is a brief summary of the Vizsla (Smooth). More detailed information regarding the breed standard is available through the Canadian Kennel Club and Vizsla Canada. 

The Vizsla, or Hungarian Pointer, may be of ancient lineage or it may be a product of the last century, depending on which dog historian one chooses to believe. Those who favour the theory of the breed’s antiquity cite stone etchings from the 10th century and a 14th-century manuscript on falconry illustrated with a picture of a dog resembling the Vizsla. Whatever its history, the Vizsla was perfectly suited to perform the duties of a pointer and retriever in the open plains of Hungary. Two world wars dealt harshly with the breed and only action by concerned breeders in Hungary and those countries to which the breed had been exported kept it from extinction. The breed has rebounded and is now considered the national dog of Hungary.

Intelligent, obedient and easy to train, the Vizsla is a sensitive dog that becomes very attached to its owner and may display a strong protective instinct. The Vizsla is gentle-mannered and affectionate.

Activity Level
The Vizsla is an eager, happy hunter in the field and a strong swimmer that also retrieves well from water. This lively, active sporting dog requires daily exercise.

Rather lightly built, adult males average 23 in (58 cm) at the shoulder and weigh 50-65 lb (22.5-29.5 kg), while females stand about 22 in (56 cm) and weigh about 10 lb (4.5 kg) less.

The coat is short, smooth, dense and close-lying with a glossy sheen to it.

Sometimes known as the “Yellow Pointer,” the Vizsla is a golden-rust in colour. 

Once over with a hound mitt and regular clipping/dremeling of nails will take care of the grooming for the most part.