Responsibly Bred Versatile Vizslas

Breeding Plans

~ We have no breeding plans at this time, nor do we have any puppies available ~

Upcountry Vizslas strives to uphold the standards of the Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations, as set out by the Canadian Medical Veterinary Medical Association, as well as the Code of Ethics established by the clubs within which we enjoy membership: the Canadian Kennel Club; Vizsla Canada; Vizsla Club of America; and, the Puget Sound Vizsla Club.

We only breed occasionally, and priority placements are made to suitable working homes. We strongly encourage you to review the information on our website under Responsible Breeding and Resources prior to contacting us.

It is not unusual to wait 1-2 years for a Vizsla from a reputable breeder managing a responsible breeding program. We encourage you to review the responsible breeding information available on this website and connect with other reputable breeders. Vizsla Canada is a useful resource for finding reputable breeders as are other Vizsla-breed clubs in the USA.

Please be aware of “backyard breeders” that do not have the long-term health and welfare of this magnificent breed as their primary objective.

Thank you for your interest in Upcountry Vizslas!

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