Responsibly Bred Versatile Vizslas

Our Philosophy

Our goal at Upcountry Vizslas is to breed selectively and only on occasion; and when we do, it is with the sole purpose of improving the Vizsla breed. We strive to produce puppies that are sound in temperament, health, conformation and field ability. It is our desire to reproduce either the quality of the dam and sire, or better quality, in each successive generation.

We believe that breeding is a serious endeavour that comes with enormous responsibility. We belong to the Canadian Kennel Club, Vizsla Canada, Vizsla Club of America and Puget Sound Vizsla Club and follow all organizations’ Code of Ethics. We are also members of the Vancouver Island Pointing Dog Club. In addition, we constantly strive to expand our knowledge base by reading and researching topics related to breeding, genetics, structure and movement, training, and healthcare. We devote a great deal of time researching pedigrees and selecting our stud dogs. All dogs used in our breeding program have appropriate health screenings, including up-to-date hips, elbows, cardiac, thyroid and eye tests.

While we breed for ourselves first and foremost, we want to know that available Upcountry puppies are placed in loving homes that are able to give them the care, training and socialization required. We want to have a relationship with our puppy buyers and continue to assist them by answering questions and be there if they have trouble once the puppy goes home. We are therefore very selective about where our puppies are placed.